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The Hardest Time


“The LORD said to Moses, “Send some men to explore the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the Israelites.” Numbers 13:1

Ok, so I’m trying to move my name domain  from wordpress.com to another registrar. I’m moving because when I signed up for worpress.com I really hadn’t done my homework about starting a blog as a business. What I should have done is gotten a domain registrar site and a host site that has wordpress.org. WordPress .com dosen’t allow ads unless you have an outrageously high number of views a day, like over 830 a day! Yes, I was just excited about the whole blog thing and was naive about much. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has done this.

Anyway, registrar is switched, but when I tried to get on, a whole other page popped up. It had His Heart And Home as its title. I was listed as the author. But everything I had written since June was gone. Vanished. Not to be found. I was panicking. Big time panicking. One of those times I wouldn’t listen to anyone and just wanted My Man to fix it. He is good at fixing things. He is very good with computers. I wanted him to fix it and he said, “I don’t know what to do.” OH, the horror of those words! I didn’t sleep well at all last night. Ok, I was really just too hot, but when I woke up my blog was the first thing on my mind.

I do apologize to those of you who follow my blog via subscription by e-mail and got a couple of extra e-mails last night. That’s when I could get to my dashboard but not view my post. Again, PAN-IC-KING!!!!! And so mad!!!

I’m still not sure if I can put the ads on. Haven’t tried and am not gonna till MM gets home to help me. Oh, I hope it is fixed.  We could really use some extra income. And having it on another registrar will allow me to reach more people for Jesus. That is and always has been first and foremost the thing I have wanted to do. I would rather reach one soul for Jesus than make $100,000,000. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could reach 100,000,000 souls?!!!

So, again I am trusting God to get all this worked out for His glory. I truly feel this was all His idea. I just need to “be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.” If I had been all this in the first place, I would not have had to take the long detour to get to where He wants me to be.

Father, I know that you lead us to new endeavors.  Still, we don’t need to jump in feet first without checking things out. We need to get organized before we start. As, You lead us, teach us to look to You for wisdom and follow Your guidence.

Read: James 1:19-20

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Happy Sunday!!


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I know I am.

I watched Georgia beat Auburn 45-7! Go Dawgs! I have enjoyed being in front of a warm fire and drinking hot chocolate. My Man smoked a pork loin that was DE-LI-CIOUS! That was all on Saturday!

Today, I have worshiped the Lord! I have had left over bbq and am fixin’ to take a nap!

I look forward to next week! Going to work more on revamping the blog (with MM’s help), start making my Christmas cards for this year, and mail my cousin a wedding present, as well as start getting ready for Thanksgiving. I’m thinking about making some of my dishes in advance and freezing them so, I can share them with you.

Oh, I found the cutest, easiest scarf that anyone can make. Plan on sharing that as well. That is if I can get to Wal-Mart this week. The scarf would make great presents for any and all!

I’m getting excited about the holidays. By Holidays I mean Thanksgiving through New Years! Really for our family it means through the end of January because we have 6 birthdays in January. Still, love this time of the year!

The blog will be full of decorating ideas, crafts and recipes. Please feel free to share any ideas, crafts, recipes or  traditions your family has in the comments!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I know I am…starting with that nap!