July 18, 2011

Meet Scaredy! His name fits him well. Although we have had him since birth 11 years ago, he is scared of everything and everyone. Lately that has been changing. In the mornings after we have fed him and our other 4 cats and 1 dog, Scaredy comes around to the back door and patiently waits until I let him in to get a saucer of milk. When he is finished he comes back to the door, lets me pet him, then runs out the door when I open it. I don’t let any other cat do this. He used to run away when I tried to pet him but now he will walk in front of me for a little way then flop down wanting me to pet him.

Much to my surprise last week he jumped up in the swing with me wanting my breakfast. First time ever he has done something like that.

Pets are simple pleasures. They teach you much. Just like I am learning to trust in the Lord more completely, Scaredy is learning to trust in me. If he can trust in me, surely I can trust completely in the Lord.


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