I consider myself the team photographer for the high school cross-country team. I love taking pictures of them running by during the meet.

Dillon, Cody and Josh

After a couple of meets though,  it all starts to look the same. Only the background has changed so that you can tell where you are at. So I decided to start getting more candid shot of them talking, sleeping on the bus ride, greeting each other at the end of meets all sweaty and nasty.



Charlie ran with us last year. He always slept on the way to a meet.

All hot and sweaty. Eww!

The team likes to pray before each meet. I love that. At the last meet I held my camera up trying to get a better shot. The results were more than I expected.

See the team behind them? They are praying, too. What a testimony these young men, these 2 teams are to others around them. Seeking the Lord for help and giving Him praise unashamed. Brings tears to my eyes. What a simple pleasure!


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