I found these pictures when I was looking for some others. I just had to share them. They are of my Mom. They aren’t great because I took a picture of a picture. These are special to me because she passed away only a few short months after they were taken.

Mom and Brett

I can’t remember if these was Thanksgiving or everyone was down helping us put the final finishes on our house we were building. I was pregnant with Will and Kathy and couldn’t do much. My Man had four trees transplanted from the woods behind our house.

Mom grow up on a farm and had a love for growing things. She always had a lovely vegetable garden. It was small but she always made it  bountiful. With her cancer there wasn’t really much she could do to help with the house so she did what she knew how to do best. She took care of the newly planted trees. My oldest nephew, Brett, is helping her.

Brandon, Kathy and Mom

We were visiting Mom this day. She wasn’t supposed to be around the twins because they had just had their shots. She didn’t care. She knew that her time here was short and she wasn’t going to miss a minute of it. I do wish you could see more of her face in this picture, and I wish I had gotten one of her and Will.

I wish she could have seen them grow up. She never even met two of her grandchildren. I’m sorry that my children missed out on getting to know such a wonderful lady, their Grandma.


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