Rice Jar

I show people this jar and explain why I keep it on my kitchen widow sill. It is to keep me focused on God. You see when you dump out the contents you have to be careful how you put them back in. If you put the rice in first, then try to put the walnut in, you spill rice over the side. But if you put the walnut in first then carefully put the rice in all the rice will go in.

The walnut represents God and the rice the things of our life. When we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, all these things will be given to me as well. Matt. 6: 33

Materials:                                                                                                                                                jelly jar with lid                                                                                                                                      rice                                                  `                                                                                                          walnut, pecan, or anything about that size

1) Put the nut into the jar.

2) Fill to the brim with rice.

3) Place lid on jar.

4) You can pretty it up by tying a ribbon around the lid. Or you can cut a piece of       clothe a little bigger then the lid. Place the clothe over the lid then screw on     the band. (This works with canning lids and bands.)


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  1. Thanks Jayne!
    I found your blog while searching for the “walnut & rice” object lesson. Your blog is encouraging & I pray that your heart is filled today knowing that you’ve encouraged someone across the miles.

    • Thank you Lynette, Welcome to His Heart and Home!!! Come by any time and see what God is up to in my life. Everyday He teaches me something new!
      I pray daily that someone will see Jesus in my writing. These days are tough for a lot of families including mine. We need all the encouragement we can get!!! Glad I could help you out.
      Some changes are in the works over the next couple of weeks. I am fairly new at blogging and hope this site will spread. I’m moving to a different domain hosting site that will hopefully get me out to more people! My look may change too. Not sure yet. I’m also going to set up a Facebook page soon. Just let me get through this weekend first!
      Suggestions are always welcome!!! Prayer request too. I love to pray! Hope your weekend is a good one! Love ya, Jayne

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