This candle votive is easy and pretty quick to make. Only the drying time slows this one down.

I used fall colors for mine but of course you can use any colors you choose. You can also use a different type of glass.


  • Tea glass or any glass container (the tall one came in a set of four at Wal-Mart. The little one came from the craft section there.)
  • Assorted colors of tissue paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Simulated Liquid Lead (I used Gallery Glass)

How to make

Cut  tissue paper into 1 inch squares. If you want a more random look cut the tissue into different sizes and shapes.

Paint a small section of the glass with Mod Podge.

Put a piece of tissue on top and paint it with Mod Podge.

Repeat until entire glass is covered. I did not overlap my pieces of tissue. At least not too much. lol Let dry for several hours.

Using the liquid leading draw lines between the pieces of tissue. I had to stick my hand in the glass to hold it. It got stuck. Don’t worry if you get an air bubble or two or if your lines aren’t perfect. That gives it charm. Let this dry for 24 hours. Insert candle and enjoy.

For the small pumpkin candle I cut the face out of yellow tissue paper and Mod Podged it into place. Then I Mod Podged the orange around the face careful not to cover it. After it dried I put the liquid leading around the face.

For the leaves you can find directions under Crafts then under Fall Welcome. The flowers are under Paper Flowers.


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