These make wonderful gifts for that someone you can’t think of what to get. We could all use them.

There are really no instructions for this. It’s just cut, and paint or paste and write something personal. I will give you some short cuts and tips I have learned for making several of them.


  • card stock paper
  • construction paper
  • colored markers & permanent marker (fine tip)
  • scissors/exacto knife
  • assorted glitter glues
  • pencil


I will start at the bottom left and go clockwise describing each card.

I totally copied this card. I saw it once in a teacher’s room. I have posted a picture of her card in one of my blog posts. But, I did change mine a bit. Let me go through the steps of cutting and detailing the card.



First I measured a standard size envelope and doubled it to make the card template. I make it slightly smaller than the envelope so it will fit inside.

I usually use card stock for this since it is sturdier, but I’m using red paper so you can see it better. Next, I trace the outline of the card onto card stock and cut it out.

Instead of using scissors I use an exact-o knife, ruler and cutting board. I do this especially if I am making several cards. It’s faster and you get straighter lines.

Of course you have to hold the ruler down while you cut, but that was kind of hard to do and take a picture. Next, fold the card in half.

I am no artist by any stretch of the imagination. I have to cheat everything. I can draw simple things if I have them to look at. I got this shoe design from clip art.

To get this onto several cards I do another cheat I couldn’t take a picture of because of lighting. I tape my sketch to the door and put my card on top of it and trace. I did it in pencil first…

then went over it in marker. Just be careful the marker doesn’t bleed through the paper. This is a permanent marker.

My trick to painting is easy. I tried water colors, but didn’t really like the color I was getting so I tried markers instead. They work great.

Dip your brush into water then gently run the brush over the marker. Do you see the white mark on the marker tip? That means color is getting on my brush. Paint away.

Don’t worry about staying in the lines or it being perfect. The end results…

I made 5 of these cards, each a different color shoe. I sent them to a friend.

That is how I painted all these cards. Here they are up-close.

For these flowers I painted 2 of them and cut the third out of scrap-book paper. The centers are gold glitter paint. They are outlined with black marker.

I just drew simple flowers along the bottom of this card and filled in with paint and outlined with marker.

I painted the card with blue stripes for a sky. Next, I cut out dragonflies from card stock. The wings from one color and the body from another. I glued them down leaving the wings free. For details I added glitter glue on the wings and for antennae.

Here’s a close up of the dragonfly.

This next one is super easy.

Draw a heart. On part of the heart write “thank you” in red pen. I made it one word. Trace the rest of the heart in red glitter paint. Voila!! Done.

All the insides were left blank.

To make them lay flat I went over the fold with something blunt. I used the end of a fingernail clipper. It’s what I found to use in my drawer. They do make “special” tools for this, but why waste the money?


Painting will make the card “buck-up” some so don’t add too much paint. Remember to let everything dry completely before inserting into an envelope.

I made our Christmas cards last year. Had a blast making them. I got several compliments on them.

I added more detail to some of them. Will got a UWG hat and Kathy got a pink GSU shirt. The inside read, “Merry Christmas from our family to yours.”

Let your imagination go wild and have fun making your cards. If you can’t think of ideas on your own do what I do and go to Google to get inspired.


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