Boo and I had fun making these. She is really getting into this crafting thing. I teaching her well. haha  Hope you have fun making them, too. Let these inspire you to make other characters.


  • Construction paper (I used black, tan, orange, and green)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Paper bag
  • Something round to trace for eyes, and a smaller circle for the pupil
  • Marker

How to Make

Trace the larger circle for the eyes.

Cut out.

Trace smaller circle for the pupils.


Cut out.



Glue pupil to eye.


Fold top of bag down about 3 inches .

Glue eyes on fold. The eyes will overlap some. Do this for both the owl and the witch.

These following directions are for the owl only.


Cut a strip of orange paper about 2 inches wide.



Fold the corner to make a triangle.

Cut out the triangle.

Open to make a square and cut on the fold to make 2 triangles.

Put some glue along the long edge of the triangles and glue to the back of the fold. I did mine before I put the eyes on. That is why the eyes are missing. Just didn’t want to confuse you.


Cut out a 2 inch square. Open the flap turn the square to look like a diamond and glue behind the eyes.

Draw and cut out an oval for the owl’s tummy. I free-handed mine. To add “feathers” draw a line of  “w” across it.

Glue onto the bag.

Draw and cut out 2 large teardrop shapes for the wings. Put glue on the edge of the wing. Open the side edge of the bag and glue wing to bag.

Draw 2 feet and cut out. Put glue on top edge of feet and stick to the bottom of the bag.

For the Witch.

Follow the directions for the Owl’s eyes

Draw and cut out a nose and a mouth. I ended up changing the shape of the nose.

For the opening in the mouth I folded the mouth in half and cut out opening.

Glue the nose on top of the eyes and the mouth to the bag.

For the hat I laid the top edge of the bag on top of the black paper and traced the edge of the bag. Then I drew the hat shape. I messed up drawing. That’s why you see 2 sets of lines. haha That kind of mess up can be fixed by turning the hat over when you glue it down.

I also traced the bag edges on orange paper to make the hair. After you have drawn the hair, cut it out. I added “hair” by drawing lines. See picture below.

To glue the hair to the bag, put glue along the top edge of the fold. Place the hair on top. Put more glue along the top edge of the hair and place hat on top.

For the dress I laid the bag on top of black paper and traced the edges and drew arms. Cut it out and glue to the top of the bag just under the mouth.

Draw and cut out tiny green hands. Glue to the back of the arm.

When you are done open the bag and place something inside to help hold it in place. I put rocks from my driveway in mine. Place around your house as decorations.


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