Last night we had our Women on Mission meeting. I love those. We get to help those in need in out county. This Sunday we are having a coffee and pie fundraiser. All proceeds will go to the food bank. I think that’s what we decided…hummm.

Anyway, afterwards, we made greeting cards. We had a blast!

I had the table all set up and ready to go!!

Teresa’s favorite card. Mine too!! The verse will say “The steps of the godly are directed by the Lord. he delights in every detail of their lives.” Psalm 37:23

Even one of our teens got in on the act! that would be Rachel in the purple!!!

She made a birthday card. Love the balloons.

Sharon did not want me to show her face, although I don’t see why not. She is very pretty!

Sharon and Rachel getting their paint. Sharon is an artist and I am jealous of her card. Oh Shoot! I don’t have a picture. Thought I did.

Rebecca’s card for her son.

Rebecca being silly. We need silliness in our lives. It keeps us sane! At least it does me.

Got a picture of Sharon anyway!!! ok, from left to right we have Teresa, Sharon, Vicky, and Rebecca.

You’ve met Rachel (in purple). Her mom, Mary, is to her right and Mrs. Yong is on her left. I love Mrs Yong. She is from Korea.

Can’t wait for the next party. We will be making…not sure yet, but it will be fun.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas. It was fun. It got my wheels turning. I think I’d like to make more of these little note cards. I really enjoy being with Women On Missions. Wish we all had more time away from other things to spend together. I believe we are all just too busy for our own good, but I’m very thankful I am able to accomplish (or try) all that I do.

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