I have decorated a lot of my house with things I have found a yard sales. I don’t go as much as I use to. I have gotten lazy and don’t want to get up that early. haha I take that back. It’s kind of hard to go with kids in the house. But…that excuse is about to walk out the door. Literally. When Dillon leaves for college I can’t use that as an excuse any more. Any hoo…here are some of my “treasures”

Here are some of my finds for the kitchen.

These are my trivets. They actually hang on the wall in my breakfast room.

 I tried to find no 2 that looked alike. Couldn’t help that, so I just didn’t hang the to close together. I like the  3 small ones best.

I decorated the tops of my kitchen cabinets with old tins. Well…some of them are old. Others are remakes. Still, they were only 25 cents. haha

Next time I will share some lighting items that I have found. One I could just cry about. That story later.


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