I love to go to the beach. I was born at the beach. ok …close to the beach. We lived on Amelia Island In Florida. Still I love the beach and have collected many shells. Here is how I use them.

I “framed” some of them.

I bought cheap frames, painted them, distressed them, removed the backs and hot glued the shells on top of the glass. The wall is the background. I love this because the shadows of the shells move throughout the day. haha I just noticed you can see my reflection in the glass.

I found an old porcelain wash bowl at a yard sale. I filled it with shells and set it out.

If you have one that is big enough you can use it as a soap dish…

Ok…this is a picture I got from my devotional book Journey years ago. I put it with the framed shells. With some computer savvy you could do this yourself. Or if you’re like me you ask your husbands or kids to do it because they are more savvy than you.

Just set your shells in a bucket on the sand and take pictures, download to your computer, edit in the words (I would need help with that) then print. Waa Laa! ok next…

I found a candy jar and filled it with sand (from the driveway haha) and placed some shells inside. So simple.

For the next idea I got both the idea and the picture from a magazine.

They took an over-sized shell and planted succulents in it. I think I have seen these kind of plants at Wal-Mart.

There you have it. My shell decorations. I’ll post more when I decide to move them around.


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  1. I have a box of shells my mom collected. I like your picture frame idea for displaying some. I put some small ones in a footed-and-lidded decorative glass container that was hers, also. Love your porcelain bowlful. Nice touch. Thanks for the ideas.

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