When we built our house I decided I wanted to leave the entryway to the den and kitchen open to the ceiling.  I liked the “open” feeling. My builder tried to talk me out of it. Now I know why. Let me explain.

I was three weeks away from having our twins when we were ready to move in. I was tired of making decisions and we were short on time so we decided just to paint all the walls white. I could always repaint later when I felt like making the choices. When I finally decided to paint is when I hit my dilemma. I had no way to stop the color between the 2 rooms. That is what the builder was trying to tell me. So, here is how we solved the problem.

In between the den and the front hallway My Man built this shelf/arch. The board you see going down the wall (left) also helps to divide the room. I still have that “open” feeling that I like, not a “doorway” feeling.

Between the hallway and the kitchen I used a tension rod to hang this curtain. I chose this floral print for the hall side and…

this fruit print for the kitchen side. The door to he dining room is just below the curtain (right) so it a natural way to stop the paint. Now I can paint the rooms different colors. Dilemma solved.


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