I don’t know if it is because I am tall, or that I just don’t notice it, or do notice it and say I will get to it later or that I just don’t care, but I don’t look up at the ceiling of my house very much and it is really dirty. I tend to look at what is eye level and down. If the floors look clean I’m happy. Really!

Boo is a six-year-old that I keep in the afternoons. Six year olds are short. They have to look up at adults, especially tall ones like me. So, she sees my ceilings and tells me that I need to clean them. Actually, what she says is, “there’s a spider’s web up there” or ” your fans need dusting.”  She’s right. Here’s proof.

The ceiling fan in our bedroom makes an awful noise so I just use it as a light for now. Since the blades don’t spin the spiders have taken over.

The ceiling fans that don’t make an awful noise are usually running. They gather much dust. This is what Swiffers were invented for! Love those swiffers!The edge of our ceiling in the hallway. That hallway is dark and I don’t pay much attention to it except to vacuum. I’ll get up there after I finish this and knock them down. That is if I don’t get distracted by something else first and forget! The corners of windows don’t get much attention either. Especially if they are hidden behind a curtain.

All this makes me think about how I tend to keep my focus at eye level with God, too. I see the problems and the sin in my life, but I either ignore it, put off doing something about it, don’t care or feel I am “tall enough” to handle it on my own. Psh…yea, right!

Too often I just forget to look up and focus on God. I want to be able to look up at God like I look at the stars He created and be in awe! I hope that as I clean the up parts of my house I will remember to look up to God to continue to clean my heart.


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