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My Favorites


This are some of my favorite pictures. I didn’t take most of them. My daughter, Kathy, did. I do believe she as an eye with photography. I do apologize for the poor quality. They are pictures of pictures.

This is Dillon when he was about 5 years old. We were at the pool and I had one of those disposable underwater cameras. Getting underwater pictures with one of those is so hard! haha I kept floating to the top. I needed a weighted belt to keep me under.

This one was taken few years later. The original is much better. I take loads of pictures when we go to the lake. This is one of those 1 in 1000 shots where the lighting, the color, everything fell into place. I love that you can see their reflections in the water. And I like the way their life jackets color coordinate with the inner tube they are on. LOL That was not planned.

They loved riding these and bumping into each other. Once, when going around a curve, My Man slung them so hard that Will and Kathy not only bumped into Dillon, but went over him! And they stayed on the tube.! They were so impressed by that. They asked him to do it again.

This is Kathy at her very first majorette performance. She was so proud to be apart of that majorette line. She also twirled competitively. She won Miss Majorette of Georgia for beginners in 2008. We went to the national competition at Notre Dame. She is a very talented twirler. Very graceful and beautiful.

Kathy took this picture. It is our Bradford Pear in our back yard. This was taken last year. This past spring we had some pretty strong storms come through and broke half the tree off.

These are some of the old jars that MM likes to collect. Kathy got an angle on these that I could not copy. I tried! I really like the feel of this picture.

What a neat idea! Kathy had her fiancée, Matt,  throw the frisbee towards her. Some one was behind her to catch it. So  cool!

Kathy on one of her many trips home from college. She rides with Matt. Said she was bored. I love that it is in black and white.

LOVE this! This was last Christmas. It started snowing Christmas night. This is the day after. We had not had snow on Christmas for more than 100 years. We had some huge, at least for the south, ice cycles hanging off the roof. The ones in these picture aren’t them. Both Kathy and I were taking pictures. She got more up-close. We were so cold taking these. We opened the window and hung out of it to get closer. She just has a much better eye than I do.

I am thankful to God for allowing us to have the technology of cameras. They allow us to capture a split second of life and remember it for a lifetime.  Like the last picture. You see a pretty picture…I see a memory made with my daughter. I am so grateful for that memory.

So the next time you look through your pictures praise the Lord for the wonderful memory. And the next time someone shares a picture with you ask them to share a memory from it. After all, that is really what a picture is…a memory.

***Just a reminder. Tomorrow is the day that I change domain registrars. If you subscribe to my blog you may lose your subscription. If you wish to remain a subscriber just go to my blog and resubscribe. I can not tell you how much your support and encouragement has meant to me. Thank you all who take the time to read my posts. I love you all!



Mama Said…


“She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” Proverbs 31:27

My Mama had a lot of wise sayings. You know those ones you swore you would never say to your kids. The ones that once you had your own kids you saw the wisdom in those words your mama use to say.

Here are just a few of them…

“You are a little Toby!” ( My Mama, Polly)

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” (Proverbs 16:24)

“What comes around goes around.” (Galatians 6:7)

“Treat others like you want to be treated.” (Mark 12:31)

These are the southern translations of these Bible verses.

Here is one my mama use to say. When she was saying it to me, I was totally clueless as to what she meant. Now, I totally get it!

“Do something constructive.” (Proverbs 31:17)

She meant get up off your lazy rear and do some work. Well, she would be so proud of me today. I did some major construction.  I cleaned up around the barn.

It’s hard to see what I have done in this picture. I should have taken a before shot. Oh well! Let me tell you what I did. (Click the picture to get a larger view.)

Do you see the 3 posts that hold up the overhang roof? Before you couldn’t see those posts. Bushes were in the way. I cut them down.  Ok, the gray under the overhang is the tarp covering our boat. Do you see the white circle in front of it? That’s an old bike, actually two bikes laying there. The shining white thing in front of the bikes is a ladder. I had to weed eat from the ladder all the way to the right side of the picture. Of course I ran out of string half way through. Never fails!

Oh, I’m not done yet! I’m just taking a break and writing this. I still have to move the ladder, do something with the bikes and there is trash you can’t see that needs to be picked up. AND…

see that tall pile of brush by the tractor, to its left? Can you say BON FIRE? We need to have some friends over and have a big hot dog and marshmallow roast! Problem is the pile is only a couple of feet from the tractor and it won’t start and MM is afraid the fire will spread and catch the tractor on fire. I say put the tractor in neutral, hook it up to the car and pull it out of the way. Then we can burn it.

Oh, by the way. I weed eated, weed ate, whatever, around the bush hog and the finishing mower and the tractor and everything in between, too, all the way to the ladder!  Man, my arms gonna hurt tomorrow. Man, do my arms hurt now! I don’t care. I am satisfied with my work and I praise God that I have the strength, as weak as it is, and the ability to be able to do this.  As long as He gets the glory! Praise God for weed eaters!!!!! And long extension cords. Weed eater is electric.

So, in memory of my mama I did something constructive today! Thank you for teaching me that lesson!

Father, thank you for the feeling of satisfaction when we do a hard days work and do it well. It is what you want for us. I give you praise and glory for my work. May I do it all as if unto You.

Read: Proverbs 31 She’s such a hard worker!

My Job Performance…?


“Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.” Romans 13:7

I decided to clean the carpets in Dillon’s room today. They were looking pretty bad. I wish now I had gotten a picture of the dirty water as I poured it out. Then again, they were really dirty and I would have been embarrassed. Oh well! You will just have to take my word at how dirty they were. D-I-R-T-Y!!! Looked like muddy water. Shoot… it was muddy water!

God revealed a pretty dirty area in my life today. I would be willing to compare it to how dirty the carpets were. That area is my job performance.

My devotion, this morning, caused me to see God in a way I had not before. As a hard worker, paying attention to the smallest detail. Just look at creation and you can see that. It says a lot about His character and His personality.

My job performance says a lot about me, too. It tells how thorough I am. Or how sloppy. It says if I care about those I work with and for. Am I callous towards them? Or do I treat them with respect? Am I kind and considerate towards them? Am I a hard worker or do I tend to be lazy and make excuses?

I have to admit that most days I am pretty lazy. I spend way too much time on this computer. Or I will work hard in the morning for a couple of hours and slack off the rest of the day. I get to a point of  I don’t feel like working anymore. I can’t think of anything to do. ha That’s a joke. There is so much to do it’s not funny.

Not just at work either. I do this with my service for God. I justify myself with I have done my share of nursery duty, I’ve done time with the children and the youth, I’ve been on that committee. Or best one yet, I’m just burned out.

My devotion asked, “Suppose someone was asked to write a description of you based upon an inspection of your job performance. What would it say?” OUCH! Just like God’s work reveals His character so does my work reveal mine. Right now I am as embarrassed with my job performance as I was with my carpets. I think I need to get to work on cleaning it up. And I’ll get back to work on my chores. Those carpets aren’t going to clean themselves.

Father, I confess most days I am pretty lazy. I’m sorry. That is not how You want to be revealed through me. Help me to become a harder worker.

Read: Psalm 19



I’m Sorry


I do apologize to my faithful readers that I have not posted anything lately. An abscessed tooth has knocked me on my rear. I will post all about it later. Just know that you all are in my prayers and I am thankful that each of you are in my life. I love you all. Right now..well in a little while, I have to go get it taken out. Hopefully…it’s a consultation today with a possibility of them doing something today. I hope so. Ready for this to be over and done with.

Can’t wait to get back to blogging! I miss y’all and sharing with you! Love you, Jayne

How To Get Greener Grass


“Godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1 Timothy 6:6

Our backyard looked funny this past summer. We were in the middle of a drought, but we had one spot in our yard that was greener then all the rest. That is because that grass was at the end of the pipe where the water from the washing machine runs out. All the other grass was brown and dying and that was lush and green. I wish I could get a picture, but we just had rain so everything is green at the moment.

We have all heard the saying “the grass is greener on the other side.” Actually, the grass is greener where we water it. Just like my backyard.

I like this saying. It is so true. I have envied others for what they have, yet they have worked hard to get it. Whether it be actual greener grass or a bigger house or a nicer, newer car, they have worked for it. We tend to forget that or simply don’t realize how much work they have put in.

This is where we need to turn our focus onto what we have been given. We need to ask ourselves, “have we been good stewards of what the Lord has given to us?” We don’t need to worry or fuss over what may be flourishing in someone else’s yard. We need to take care of our own.

Yes, there are times when we have put in hard work only to be laid off from a job, or we have put in many hours volunteering and it feels like  the dog pooped on our grass. When life poops on you-water it. Something beautiful will come of it. God will see to that.

So, let me ask you…where would you want greener grass? your marriage? your finances? a happier family? a strong(er) relationship with the Lord? How much work are you willing to put into helping these things become greener? What are you willing to give up? Weeds do need to be pulled from time to time.

Start by spending some time in prayer asking the Lord to show you what He wants you to work  on. He will give you the needed tools. It doesn’t matter how dead your grass may be, God can and will restore it if you ask.

Read: Matthew 25:14-30

A very special thanks to my friend, Sharon for the “poop” analogy. You are so funny, yet wise!

My Hands Are Shaking!!


“What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun?” Ecclesiastes 1:3

I decided to do some much-needed yard work today. I have weed whacked around the back deck and the pool. I got beside the walkway, one side anyway, and down the fence that is in front of the where we park our cars. I continued down the fence for about another 40 feet or so and ran out of string. Wouldn’t you know it! Called My Man to see if we had any more and he graciously offered to put some more on when he gets home from work. I was fine with that!

The grass had really gotten tall.


You can see the pool in the background. I left the weed eater where it ran out of string. lol

So, I watered what I call monkey grass that is along our front walkway. I’m not sure the real name of it. I also watered the irises, mums and a couple of azalea plants that look pretty sad.

Remember that fence in front of the cars? It has three rose bushes, no… five, and irises planted in front of it. That area was in much need of weeding so I started pulling. Why is it that the grass you want to grow in the yard won’t grow there, but will grow in all the flowers where it is not wanted? Guess I just answered that question. Duhh!

Looks much better! Now for some mulch.

I don’t mind doing all the hard work. It gives me time to think. But now my hands are shaking so bad, I guess from weed whacking, that I can barely type! I wish you could see them. I’m trying to eat lunch,too, and I feel like a leaf on a tree.

I might have to paint my nails later ’cause now they are stained orange from this Georgia clay we have. Nah! I never paint my nails. Too much trouble if you ask me.

Ok, break is over! Back to work! There is soooooo much to do around here and the weather is perfect. Can’t waste another minute.

Father, thank you that I am able to work; that my body has the strength and the ability to work. Thank you for the satisfaction that I find in work. May my work be pleasing to you today.

Read: Ecclesiastes 5: 18-19

Working Hard Or Hardly Working?


The weather here in Georgia has been beautiful this week. I could really say perfect. Not a cloud in the sky. The humidity has been low as well as the temperatures. So, I decided it would be a good time to get some yard work done.

Let me clarify a few things. I am not a gardener…at all. My mom had a green thumb that I did not inherit. But, I do like a neat looking yard.I really hope to one day hire a landscaper. Yea…that’s not gonna happen. I am also not a hard work, I hardly work. lol

My front walk was in real need of mulch. My choice of mulch was pine straw. I choose it mainly because I can’t afford to go buy anything right now and we have woods at the edge of our backyard where I can get all the free pine straw I want. So, I got the wheelbarrow, rake and headed for the woods. I raked and gathered, raked and gathered and got this.

It took six of these just to do one side of my walkway.

It ended up being a bigger job than I planned. Don’t they all? As I was putting out the pine straw I also had to weed. My poor knees did not like that at all. The bushes had not been trimmed all summer so they needed cutting back too. I got out the electric hedge trimmer for that job. I got blisters the last time I did it with hand- clippers. I did get lazy and just left the trimmings on the ground and covered them up with pine straw.

I am pleased with the final outcome. See for yourself.


I only got  pine straw down on one side of the walk yesterday. Today is side two. It should be easier because I did the weeding and trimming yesterday.

Next on my to do list is to plant more azaleas. Think I’ll wait till it rains and let the ground soften up a bit.

I call myself working hard today. Hardly working would have been going to the store and buying the pine straw all neatly bound. Really, it took me about the same amount of time walking back and forth from the woods as it would have to drive all the way into town. I really got two things done. All the walking was my exercise for the day. haha

I like it when I get a hard day’s work done. I feel like something good was accomplished; that the day wasn’t wasted. God likes it when we get satisfaction from the work we do. He created us to work. Even before sin came into the world we were to work.

Oh there will be days when I hardly work. Trust me! But, I think for now I will go finish up the other side of the walk.