Booger is our newest member of our family. We got him about two weeks before Thanksgiving. We aren’t sure what breed or mix he is. He looks somewhat like a Border Collie, but also has some coloring of a German Shepherd. He is smart and sweet.

When we got him he was under fed and bony. Someone had just dropped him off to fend for himself. That or he wandered off from his home. Now, he’s ours. We already love him so much.

We don’t really know how to train him, so this is a learning process for all of us. He seems eager to please and to learn.

He has the cutest bark. At least for now. I’m sure soon it will annoy me when he decides to start barking at 3:00 in the morning at the deer. At the moment he is barking at the cats trying to get them to play with him. haha They just hiss at him or ignore him if they are up higher than him.

A little more of his personality comes out everyday. I try to share as often as possible.


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