Southern By The Grace of God


I love being Southern. We can do so much and get away with it. I’m fixin’ to tell y’all something  ’bout being Southern.

Being Southern doesn’t mean that I’m not educated. I may say “ain’t” and “y’all” and call you “Sweetie” or “Honey.” And I do “bless a lot of hearts.” I might even “piddle” around. I’ll greet you with a big “Hey-yyy”.

All soda  is “Coke.”  I refer to my grocery cart as a “buggy” and that’s okay.

I’m polite and say “Ma’am” and “Sir.” And if you hear a Southern gal say, “Oh, hell no!!” you’d better run. I don’t say that, but that is so true!

I might go a little crazy at the mention of snow and run to the store for milk and bread. But, I love my hot summers and sweet ice tea!

I have dinner at noon and supper in the evening.

I live right dab in the middle of the country. Not over yonder. If you don’t know where “Yonder” is, you ain’t from the south!!!

I believe in Jesus and that He died for my sins.  I love to worship Jesus.  I go to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night, too! I love to tell people ’bout Jesus. And I love the sweet fellowship we sometimes after church with a pot luck dinner.

I love grits and being a G.R.I.T.S– Girl Raised In The South!


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    • Welcome, Southern sister, to His Heart and Home. Ain’t it great to be Southern! I just love it. And I know you can hear my southern drawl even though I am typing this! haha

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