Ok, I am totally blank. Can’t think of a thing to write about. Well, yes I can, but I would be complaining and complaining ain’t pretty, so I’m not going to complain.

It is raining here today. It is much-needed. I like to listen to the rain. And the fall trees against the gray sky are beautiful.

I have a ton of work to do but don’t feel like doing any of it.

We heard Booger bark for the first time. There was a bulldog in our yard. It was funny to watch. Bandit, our other dog, the adult dog, was the brawn and Booger was the bark. They tagged teamed that bulldog. Bandit chased it and Booger stayed on the porch and barked.

Booger barks in his sleep too. And he whistles through his nose. When dreaming, and while barking, he “runs” after something. Guess he is dreaming about chasing that bulldog off some day. LOL

Yesterday I started making a wedding gift for my cousin. Took longer then I thought it would. Always seems to happen that way. I need to finish it today and get it in the mail.

Rambling, I know. I tend to ramble like this when I pray too. Like the 6-year-old that I keep who talks even when I’m not in the room. The difference between God and me…He still listens to what I am saying. He probably smiles and giggles just waiting for me to take a breath so He can speak. Sometimes if I talk long enough I do have to take that breath and He gives me the answer. It was right in front of me the whole time. I just need to shut up just long enough to hear it.

Ok, I really need to go do something. Still don’t feel like working but it won’t do itself now will it?

Father, thank you for listening to me ramble. Thank You for always hearing me and knowing my desires better than I do. You are an awesome God.


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  1. I’ve waited to start a project, and ended up messing it up or waiting for glue or ink to dry, when it needed to be ready. I’ve heard we work better on a deadline, and sometimes that’s true, but it’s nice to allow enough time BEFORE it’s due to do a good job of it. Ramble on. 🙂

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