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This is the Day!


” This is the day the Lord has mad. I will rejoice and be glad in it.”  Psalm 118: 24

Ok, First of all please don’t ever think that I have my act together. I DON”T! I woke up this morning and had the biggest pity party. Party of one of course, but that didn’t stop me from having it. If you have ever had one of those days please comment to the left with a big “AMEN!”

Remember my post about contentment? Did I really write that because I was far from content this morning. I was worrying about something that won’t happen for another two months. TWO months. Jesus tells us not to even worry about tomorrow. I skipped over tomorrow and went straight to September!

As I sat out on my porch swing I  realized that the thing I loved the most is my biggest burden. I decided right then and there that if it was going to be my biggest burden then God could have it. I am tired of this weight on my shoulders, making my stomach all tied up in knots, and feeling like I can barely breathe. It is His. I’m done worrying. I got myself up and started enjoying the day that He had given me. Today. (That’s why I’m so late in posting this today. )

So,  I trimmed one of my Crepe Myrtles, weeded on side of my porch, then had the pooh scared out of me when I was weeding the hosta  I saw a snake. That stopped the weeding for the day. Then I came in, cleaned some of my house, washed some clothes, started working on some curtains for my kitchen, (I’ll share these when I’m finished with them) and basically enjoyed myself all the while singing “Big, Big House.” It was the favorite song for the kids at VBS this year. Hear it for yourself.

Oh, I’m sure I will have another pity party. I have had lots of them. None of them did me any good. God the Father just patiently waits while I pitch my fit so that He can speak to me. But the next time I have one I will decide to rejoice in the Lord instead this time singing “Mercy Is Falling.”  Will you join me?

Oh Lord, please forgive me for my pity parties. They get me no where fast. Let me rejoice in You and sing songs of praise.

Read: Psalm 118


He Delights


” The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.” Psalm 37:23 (NLT)

I first saw this verse on the desk of a teacher I was substituting for. I fell in love with it. This is a promise from God. It shows His love for us. It left me with such a peace.

I mentioned yesterday that we have been struggling financially for a while. There have been times I have cried (literally) out to God for His help. There have been others times I have been ok with our circumstances. (I’m still learning daily to be content.) We have been through a lot of changes over the years. As I look back I see things are somewhat better. Through this time I have thought about the Israelites and their journey through the desert. I have also thought about Joseph and all the struggles he went through, as well as Job. Honestly, I have nothing on them. My struggles are a breeze compared to theirs.

This is what I have noticed  in these accounts. At first things seemed good for them. Then they went though a time of trial, struggle, suffering, whatever you want to call it. In the end, God brought them to a better place. They could look back and see how God had been at work the whole time.

I have heard people say that they have lost their jobs, went through a time of hardship, then found a better job. They said losing their job was the best thing that ever happened to them. They could look back and see how God had been at work the whole time.

I have also learned this. The Lord isn’t so much concerned with my finances. He could solve that problem at this very moment. He is concerned with my character. He is testing my faith to develop perseverance. Developing my perseverance makes me mature and complete. Being mature means that I have decided to totally trust and depend on Him and nothing else.  He is directing my steps so that I can mature. Even if it feels on some days that I am taking two steps back. (He never said we would always go straight ahead.)

I look at the details of my life like a painting. There are parts of the painting where big stokes are used. I think of them as the better times of my life. Then there more detailed parts of the painting. These are the trials. God is having to slow things down and take His time so He can concentrate on the details. (So to speak.) He delights in these details and wants everything to be perfect. Not only is He at work on the details of our financial situation but also He is at work on the details of my character and the character of My Man, Will, Kathy and Dillon. We are all involved in this.

I mentioned at the beginning that I saw today’s verse on a card. Here’s that card.

I like the fact that they put a high heel on it. Now whenever I put my shoes on I can remember that He directs my steps and delights in details. I am still on this journey. Right now the road is rough and full of pits and I am more then ready to get to better ground. But I am thankful that God is with directing me and smiling because He knows what waits for me at the end. He likes to give surprises and I just have to wait. And I trust that at the end of this journey things will be better then they were before I started.

Father, Thank you for directing my paths and delighting in the details of my life. You delight in the details of my heart. Thank you for loving me so very much. I give you this journey  and ask you to continue to lead, guide and direct me. Amen!

Read: Jeremiah 29:11-14



“I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am.” Philippians 4:11

To say that My Man and I have been through rough times would be an understatement. Being a land surveyor in this economy is not at all profitable. We are making less them half what we were making just five years ago. We have learned to make many financial adjustments and cut backs.

It hasn’t been all bad. My family has enjoyed the homemade breads and cookies and cakes.

Lately, though, the Lord has been speaking to me about contentment . “But godliness with contentment is great gain.” I Timothy 6:6

Pshh…let’s face it. I am far from content these days. It’s been a long five years with no end in sight. The struggle of deciding which bills to pay this week, not having as much money to grocery shop with, and scraping enough together for any extras is getting to me.

Paul said he had, “learned to be content in whatever circumstance”. I have learned that contentment isn’t just being happy with what you have. Shoot, I’ll always want more. “But godliness with contentment is great gain” Are you beginning to see where I’m going?

Yesterday, I spoke about “seeking His kingdom and righteousness first”. Godliness and seeking go hand-in-hand. Godliness is imitating Jesus. What did Jesus do? He served others. His focus was on others. I have not been content because I have been so busy whining about not having more. God gives us what we need and I want more. Basically I’m saying God isn’t enough. Good grief! He sent His Son to die for me and I want more? How selfish can I be?

So, I’m changing my focus. I’m seeking His kingdom and righteousness by seeking how I can serve. I’m learning one day at a time (sweet Jesus. That’s all I’m asking of you) to give thanks for all I have. The bills are caught up and paid, we have food in the pantry (although my kids say we have nothing to eat), and we have clothes to wear. We also have jobs (many don’t these days), cars that run (by the grace of God. Mine is 17 years old), and we are healthy. I’m going to share out of the abundance He has given us by giving more to those who are less fortunate. I can afford a few extra cans of food to give to the food pantry. I am going to start serving again at church. I have really slacked off there since this all started. And I am going to make a conscious effort each day to pray for my loved ones that I know don’t know the Lord.

Father, today help me today to know real joy J-esus, O-thers, Y-ourself. Help me to learn contentment by learning to focus on you and others first.


June 27,2011

Keeping My Focus

“But seek for His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6: 33 ( emphasis mine)

On my window sill in my kitchen I have a glass jelly jar filled with rice and a walnut. I know, unusual, but it reminds me to keep my focus on God.

Every now and then I take it off my sill and dump out the rice and walnut onto a paper plate. (Makes clean up easier.)  I pour all the rice back  into the jar and try to  push the walnut back down to the bottom. It never fails that some of the rice spills out and I have to pick it up a piece at a time and put it back in. In other words, I make a mess. Yet, when I put the walnut in first and then slowly add the rice it all fits.

You see, the rice represents the all the “things” in my life. The walnut represents God. When I focus on the “things” of life first I don’t fit God in so He can take care of those ‘things”. But, when I put God first all the things just seem to fit around Him perfectly. He knows the “things” I need , want and desire. He says He will definitely take care of my needs. He will give me the wants and desires if they are a part of His will for me. I have no need to worry if I keep me focus on Him.

So, that’s why I have a jar on my kitchen window sill. I am learning to use the “things” in my house to keep me focused on Him. Through this website I want to share with you the lessons that God is teaching me, how I am growing (or at least how I think I’m growing) and how the “things” in my home can be used to keep me focused on God and sharing Him with others that visit. I hope you will join me on this journey of giving both our hearts and homes to Him for His glory.

Posted June 27, 2011

For Your Heart  Read Matthew 6: 25-34

Father, Help me one day at a time to keep my focus on You. Remind me that all things are from You and that You are always here with me.

Welcome to my home.

Welcome to His Heart and Home!
His Heart and Home is a ministry to help you grow closer to the Lord and to help you make your home a way to share Jesus with others.
I will be sharing with you lessons that I have been taught, or in some cases, still learning, about God and my relationship with Him. I will also be sharing with you ways you can decorate and use your home to share Jesus with anyone who may come to visit.
Some of the lessons I have had to learn have been very hard lesson. Some I have seen God’s sense of humor. In all of them I have experienced His grace, HIs wonderful, amazing grace.
Welcome to my heart and my home. My prayer is that we will share and grow together in our relationship with the Lord. He loves you and me very much and wants to make both our hearts and homes beautiful. Let’s begin to give them both to Him, shall we?